Autodesk Construction Cloud  - Key Images
CGI and Retouch - Ankur Patar
Construction sites are rife with miscommunication, which can lead to pricey rework, long delays, and some pretty peeved off clients. Luckily, Autodesk is here to help, but not before having a laugh at the problem in their first-ever brand commercial (and GS&P’s first-ever work for the brand).
Directed by Gary Freedman of MJZ, the spot highlights how widespread mix-ups can be on construction projects, with a humorous game of telephone. What starts out as a simple “Redo this wall” quickly gets misinterpreted as it’s passed along a busy jobsite, and leads to a rather irreversible result… The commercial then offers Autodesk Construction Cloud as a solution that keeps everyone on the same page, at every stage. 
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